Saturday, April 30, 2011


Z is for Zagyg in the twenty sixth and final installment of the Deepest Sea, A-Z.

Zagyg is the legendary first Titan, or in some versions, the first magic users amongst the Titans.  In any case, he is credited with teaching the other Titans magic, and luring the Elves into slavery.  The first he did by learning from demons, and then using the power granted by subjugating the demons to influence the other Titans.  The Elves he lured by the sheer magnetism that magic held for them.

Zagyg's reign lasted for centuries, and then he departed.  Not much is known of this period, but the wisest of sages, those who have read the Titan scrolls, or explored the depths of the long abandoned, but not empty research pits, say that he left, alone, and walked back to the legendary city in the far south that the Titans came from.  The Empire sent expeditions after him in its early years, hoping to thus end the Titan threat all together, but none ever returned.  Occasionally their bodies are found frozen in sea ice, mangled and screaming in terror.

Over time, most forgot the name of Zagyg, but somewhere, somewhere in the cold of the southern pole, he might still carry on as a lich, still consorting with demons, still wresting a little bit more magic out of a universe which commands him to die.

Next time, a roundup of the A-Z project, and a review of the results for April.

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