Friday, August 27, 2021

Falcon II

I have been very busy in the past couple months with a variety of projects, few of them hobby related. (or even leisure related at all)

I am inching that Eldar falcon closer to finished though. 

I know that in this picture it looks like it is pretty  much at the same stage as previously, but in actuality all the major painting is done, and it is ready for decals and final assembly.  After all this I still really enjoy this kit, although not enough to build another one right now (which would not make sense list wise anyway).  I am sure that GW will release a new version of this tank "soon", since this is from 1996, but soon for Craftworld Eldar is probably middle of 2022 at least. 

This also shows the only free space on my painting desk, which is a problem in itself.