Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Kampfgruppe Normandy

Warhammer Historical is releasing a new rule book soon, called Kampfgruppe Normandy.  This is an great looking book, which seems to be doing company level World War II Normandy in 20mm.  There are some lovely looking page views located here.

Some people will no doubt complain about the 20mm/1/72 aim of the book, but there are a ton of figures and vehicles available , and it seems like it would be easy to go 25/28mm or 15mm too, by adjusting the ground scale.

However, the book's price is  £48.00.  Which is around $75.25. That is just crazy.  I am sure that the book is lovely, but there are tons of other books one can buy for that price. (even 350 page full color ones)  There are also plenty of other skirmish games out there that you can buy rule books for very cheap, or get them for free.

This of course also suggests that Warhammer Historical will not be doing any Warhammer Ancients rulebooks anytime soon... which is too bad.  That was an area where WH seemed to be doing well, even if their publication rate was anemic.

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