Thursday, June 7, 2018

SW:A The Return

In what is now an annual tradition (if you do it twice, it is a tradition, right?), I got together this weekend for a game of Shadow Wars: Armageddon with Sean of Sean's Wargames Corner.  (Dai from the Lost and the Damned and the Stunted was unfortunately not able to make it).

This time we played at Great Escape Games here in town, which has a tremendously large games space.  As there was not much in the way of table top action, I had my pick of terrain, set up a little scenario, and when Sean arrived we got right to it. 
Messenger Jon has survived the crash of the shuttle Axiom, and is looking to flee with his valuable genedata.

He strikes out west (as adjudicated by d6" and a scatter die)

Table layout, with I.O. Kazimir Sakhalin and his killteam in the South Eastern corner, foul genestealer cultists in the North East

The killteam splits into three groups and rushes to the target

A fireteam composed of acolytes Pasha, Sova, and Okhlopkov blaze away at range at a distant cultist.

Cult leader vs. Messenger in the ruins of a great ruined factorum 

The messenger, desperate to survive, holds off the cultists for a crucial (for I.O Sakhalin) several rounds

Hearing the sounds of combat as they round the corner, several members of the killteam unload their guns into the swirling melee 

Shooting indiscriminately in to melee does tend to put people down...

Charging into combat, a flurry of blows quickly puts the combat to an end
Another great game (Helped that it was bloody and I won!).  We used a mishmash of SW:A and Necromunda rules, I forgot several crucial rules (running is 8", not 6", and the killteam universally gets critical hits on aliens with a roll of 5 or 6 but having a pair of characters tooled up for close combat certainly helps when you get into close combat!) and it all worked out very well. At the end of the game, the leader of the cultists broke and ran after watching his teammate be stomped to death, and was then shot in the back by Pilot Officer Yuri.  The cultists bottled after that, and the valuable genedata was taken back to the vaults of the Inquisition.