Thursday, December 8, 2022

Been a while

Loads of stuff going on here in the household, very little of it miniature or gaming related.  I was also too busy to read blogs for a while, so apologies for missing all of your great posts.  I am slowly going through all that. 

Some recap:

I printed and painted a face mask for a friend's son's Halloween mask.  since it was so large, I printed it in two sections, pined them together with spare filament, and then painted it with a few layers of PVA glue.  Then spray painted an off-white color, some detail painting, and sponged painted "bone" color. 

I have also been working on printing a lance, a company, a battalion of Battlemechs for Battletech.  Really quite an absurd number of Mechs. All Third Succession War era, mostly TRO 3025 stuff.  Started painting a few of them, little to see there yet.  Bought the maps and introductory rulebook from the starter box, so closer to a game at least. 

Speaking of which, before I got the intro rulebook, the kid and I muddled through a game using the free basic rules, while discussing my derived understanding of the rules not included in the basic ones (which are a lot, but mainly heat, levels, and close combat).

Pretty good initial effort for a 3d printed terrain and figures, and office 11x17 laser printer map

Stinger v. Commando, and of course the kid won.  We had a good time, but have not had the chance to get back to it yet with the more advanced rules (and more figures).  Some noises about playing with the friend and his kid, but then he got Covid, and with holidays and such I do not think it likely for a while.