Thursday, September 27, 2012

Otherworld Adventurers

For those of you who are not burnt out on crowd funding following the very successful Reaper Bones kickstarter, old school miniatures favorite Otherworld has entered the arena with an appeal for funds to launch a new line.

First figures are already sculpted
Instead of more monsters to fill out their excellent range inspired by the Monster Manual, they are now turning to adventurers, and rather than dribble them out over years, they want to launch a complete range all at once.  Which is where the crowd funding bit comes in. Using Indiegogo, they want to raise a paltry $5,000 to hasten the release of the various boxed sets they have planned. 

I personally like the look of some of these, and am eager for their success.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

d100 Supplies

Sometimes you and your fellow redshirts are on an extended away mission, and you need a teleported case of supplies.  In exchange for one cubic meter of local valuables collected by the long range teleporter system, the ship then sends you one cubic meter of supplies.

Typically this will be just what you need for the current adventure, such as glow sticks, synthetic fur clothing, laser pistol recharges, dried rations, trade goods, the lovely new ensign from  the medbay etc, but sometimes the teleporter computer gets a bit.. confused.  It is after all a 3000 year old relic that was drifting alone in space for the majority of that time, and it apparently wrote over its request parser about 2999 years ago, after it ran out of blog posting space.  Now when it hears "20L water", only the dice know what it hears and returns...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Random Things

Here are some random things I came across online today, because I have still been too busy to generate my own content, although I did add some Tiger style vision slit covers to my Baneblade the other day; because, hey, anything that helps me keep it in the "modeling" phase and away from the "painting" phase is a good thing right?

Post-Harry-Potter-World for a D&D game.  Hogwarts as a mega-dungeon.  Setting everyone knows something about.  Ridiculous pseudo-Latin spell names. Harry as a more explicit messiah figure. Go!

Converting a Deimos Pattern Predator.  Ping pong ball, Predator kit, and some plastic card mix together to make a retro style tank.  Clearly the next predator I build must be retro. (not sure about having a Flamestorm cannon or the long barrel auto cannon... solved by magnets?)

From Stuff of Legends
More closely matches the newer Forge World version
An Introduction to a GM Book.

Friday, September 14, 2012

White Dwarf Relaunch

Apologies for the gap in posts, but I have been particularly busy with work and planning a family vacation.

One news item that I could not resist posting on regards the Games Workshop house magazine White Dwarf.

I have had a long relationship with White Dwarf, stretching back almost 16 years, and I have about 15 years worth of issues in various boxes around my house.  I loved the magazine in the late 90's and early 00's in particular, when 40k 3rd edition was king, and the new Specialist games were coming out every year or so.  In my opinion the Dwarf declined after the introduction of the Lord of the Rings content, and the decline of both Chapter Approved and Specialist games.

At the end of 2011 I let my subscription lapse, and while I am "supposed" to be renewing it, that has not happened.  At its current price and content, it has seemed like a lower priority, although I do miss reading through it with my wife, the pictures of new models, and the occasional article of interest.

The news on White Dwarf is that there will be a relaunch, replete with new staff, pictured below, a change in the branding, and better paper.  The changes will take place in the next issue, published in time for the UK Games Day on 9/23/2012.

Here is the motley crew
There are also rumors of a £1.00 price increase (to £5.5) and a page increase. The price increase will bring it in line with the $9 US price, where as the page increase is very interesting indeed.

So I am cautiously optimistic about this, and will try to grab up a copy when it comes out at the end of the month.  Who knows, maybe the Dwarf of yore will be back, and I will plunk down my cash for a subscription.  Worth a look to see.