Tuesday, May 3, 2011

April Roundup and some Stats

Well, that was fun.  Working through my little universe from A-Z was an interesting challenge, and hopefully entertaining as well. Results wise, I added some followers (thanks!), and went from 400 page views to ~650 page views in a month, so it was pretty successful on that measure as well.  The blog had some more international readers, including a number (or one frequently) from Iran, which is surprising really.  I made it over 100 published posts, which is easier when you add so many in one month. I will put up an index page to the A-Z posts sometime soon, which will also be useful as an index to the greater Deepest Sea project.

It is a pity that Blogger does not break down the US by state, because it would be interesting to see where everyone lives. Similar issues for other large countries I guess.

My most popular post continues to be my Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WHFRP ) Estalian figure, which of course has nothing to do with D&D or the A-Z challenge, but remains very popular on image searches.... I really ought to retake that picture.

So what is next for the blog?  Well, it feels strange to go back to my slow posting routine, so I will try and think of something to keep it up.  Any ideas?  Are there gaps in the Deepest Sea information that you would like filled in particular?

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