Tuesday, May 6, 2014

023 Sells Army

ZeroTwentyThree is selling his WHFB Marienburg (Empire) army. While this is undoubtedly a great tragedy for him, it should be a great opportunity for someone else [or rather two chances, since he is selling humans in one lot, and weirdos in another].

Friday, May 2, 2014

Inquisitor d1000 Part 9 - Demeanor

Here is a d100 table of Demeanor as part of the d1000 inquisitor attributes project. Go back and read that post if you want to know what this is about.

Just Psyker and Stats left to go for this project, and then I will have the grand summation post, and create a page to help people find all of this "content".

Roll Demeanor
1 Absent Minded
2 Amoral
3 Arch
4 Assertive
5 Bad Tempered
6 Barbarous
7 Brusque
8 Calm
9 Careless
10 Catty
11 Cautious
12 Charming
13 Cheeky
14 Cold
15 Composed
16 Conceited
17 Conscientious
18 Contemptuous
19 Coquettish
20 Courtly
21 Coy
22 Crotchety
23 Curious
24 Debonair
25 Deceitful
26 Depraved
27 Docile
28 Dogmatic
29 Domineering
30 Enthusiastic
31 Excitable
32 Extroverted
33 Faithful
34 Fawning
35 Ferocious
36 Fickle
37 Flaky
38 Full Of Him/Herself
39 Fussy
40 Good Natured
41 Haughty
42 Hedonistic
43 Heroic
44 Immoral
45 Imperturbable
46 Impulsive
47 Inconsiderate
48 Introverted
49 Inventive
50 Irritating
51 Jolly
52 Jovial
53 Languid
54 Lordly
55 Lout
56 Loyal
57 Majestic
58 Manic
59 Manipulative
60 Moody
61 Nervous
62 Noble
63 Old Fashioned
64 Opinionated
65 Passive
66 Patronizing
67 Perfectionist
68 Persuasive
69 Picky
70 Playful
71 Pleasant
72 Polite
73 Pompous
74 Pragmatic
75 Punctilious
76 Puritanical
77 Quick Tempered
78 Reserved
79 Rude
80 Sage
81 Sanctified
82 Savage
83 Serious
84 Slimy
85 Slovenly
86 Sly
87 Somber
88 Spiteful
89 Staid
90 Stately
91 Surly
92 Taciturn
93 Thoughtful
94 Torpid
95 Trustworthy
96 Undiscriminating
97 Unswerving
98 Urbane
99 Volatile
100 Witty

As always, please let me know what you think.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Forgotten Glorious Sample Figure

Way back at the end of 2013, I saw a notice on Wargame News and Terrain, which indicated that a company I had never heard of was offering a sample figure.  Never one to pass up a free miniature, I hurried over to their website, and sent them a request for a French figure, with the idea that if it was not a range that appealed to me, I might be able to use the figure somewhere else, maybe as a pulp figure, or in 40k (with some additions).

As the company is located in France, I did not expect the package to come quickly, and yet I was still surprised to get the packet nearly a month later.  I guess not every company can be GZG (plus, again, it was free, so why complain?).

While it took me quite a while to get to it, here are some comparison pictures of the figure I got (a French infantry officer)

Left to right: Perry, Pulp, FG, Copplestone, Foundry
FG, Games Workshop, you can see how narrow the FG figure is

Narrow, and tall too

Painted picture of the figure from their blog

You can sort of tell from the pictures, but the figure has a separate head (here glued on), and is fairly tall and slender.  It does not really match up with any of the figures I compared it to, but that would not be a problem if you were to use only FG figures.  Unfortunately, FG only makes a few French figures currently, but more are in the works.

 The Great War references that I have are predominantly for the air war (although I did have a single plate of a French soldier in a uniform book), so as usual one must turn to the Internet. Fortunately for the French infantry painter there is Sidney Roundwood's very detailed Late War French painting guide.