Friday, April 22, 2011

An Experiment

A couple of weeks ago, it occurred to me to try out the polystyrene foam scoring method of making bricks for terrain.  Not being one to be too scientific, I thought I would also try to see if polystyrene foam would glue with standard modeling glue.  I decided to make a sample wall section for the 10mm castle that keeps running around in my head.  If the sample worked out, I would need something like 20 wall segments of this type.  So that makes this a triple experiment, one to test the scoring, one to test the glue, and one to test the overall dimensions of the project. 

As it happened, my wife had some leftovers from her mother's birthday dinner, which she had in a takeout box.  [takeaway for our British Friends]  I set to work with scissors and a somewhat dull pencil.  The wall section took about 30 minutes to construct, and future segments would be much faster to build. The results are below.  Success I think on the overall size, and certainly the scoring method, and rather a failure on the plastic model glue. 

~55mm tall, 40mm wide, 25mm deep.  Seems like a perfect size, and fits with the siege rules in Warmaster.

Size modeled here by some Copplestone 10mm Half-Orcs.
Here you can see the melted polystyrene. 

So, all in all a partial success.  I should try it again with less glue (possibly brushed on), or with PVA glue.

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