Friday, July 7, 2017

Long Awaited Landsknechts

Warlord finally released their plastic landsknechts, over two and a half years after they were sculpted for Pro Gloria.  After Pro Gloria sold out to Warlord, the kit seemed to languish in development, until today!

Originally the Pro Gloria release was going to have 24 figures, with 20 regular pikemen/spearmen/halberds and four command, but it appears that when Warlord reworked the figures, they increased the total number to 30, while altering the options to allow you to build either entirely pike or a few Arquebusiers (and reducing the number of heads available as well)

These seem to be well suited for their intended purpose, and would also go nicely in an old school Warhammer Fantasy Battle Empire army, which is where any I bought would end up.  Unfortunately with the demise of WHFB, sort of a low priority for me (and I have half a dozen regiments to paint first anyway) but something I will certainly keep an eye on.