Wednesday, June 3, 2009

1809 Danube Campaign

As a way of shaping my planing for a future 15mm Napoleonic army, I have decided to focus on the 1809 Danube Campaign. This meets several criteria: Imperial period, Pre-1812 uniforms, involves Saxon allies, fights the Austrians (a possible future army), six company battalions, and post bicorn hats for the French. The goal, as always, is an infantry division with a few supporting units.

I think that I first became interested in the Saxons after reading Swords Around A Throne, which describes them as the most loyal of the various German Allies. (indeed they support Napoleon from 1806-1813, only deserting at Leipzig) Correspondingly, I looked for pre-1812 battles which featured them, and fell upon Wagram. Wagram is part of the 1809 campaign, so there we have it.

The eventual goal would be the 3rd Infantry division of Bernadotte's IX corps, which included the 5th French light infantry (2 battalions), and the 19th line infantry (3 battalions), as well as a battalion of converged Saxon grenadiers, and a battalion of converged Saxon Schutzen. This would be supported by a few squadrons of Saxon cavalry, and a couple of batteries of Saxon 8pdr cannon.

At an approximate ratio of 1:10-15 for my forces, that would mean 7 battalions, with approximately 420 figures. A pretty hefty count! So we will see how that goes. This force would be fairly versatile, and could be added to fairly easily to build an all French force (French cannon, cavalry, and another line regiment), as well as a possible all Saxon force. (just a few regiments of Saxon infantry)

Since Wagram was fought on July 5-6 1809, that means that the 200th anniversary is this year. Unfortunately, I have little time to plan, buy, and paint any figures (particularly with house work to do), so I would be able to complete a battalion at best. We will see.