Friday, November 18, 2016

Twenty Years

Somewhere around the middle of November, 20 years ago, a college student mail ordered the Warhammer 40k boxed set from The Armchair General.

I have discussed previously how I found a brochure called An Introduction to Games Workshop at a local hobby store, which as one might surmise from the title served as an explanation of the various GW games.  [And six years ago (!) Tony from Dampfpanzerwagon sent me a copy of that same brochure]  After I got that brochure, I poured over it for hours and hours, and eventually connected the games pictured to Battlemasters and Heroquest, which I obtained at about that time.  I did not ever actually play 40k in those days though, as lack of access and lack of cash were definite problems.

Later, when I was in college, I started viewing the old usergroup for some reason or other, and immediately realized that this "40k" thing was now starting to be accessible online. I worked up the nerve and bought the starter box and a few miniatures, starting me off a long road.

Hard to believe that twenty years later I am still at it, and that it has been so long.  Maybe some day I will finally paint all of that starter set...

Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Coffee Box Buildings

As I mentioned in prior posts, I expected to play a game or so of 40k and so I cast about for some scenery for the game.  I have a few plastic buildings, but I wanted something a bit more futuristic, and more colorful than unpainted plastic. A year ago, I worked on some ideas for turning waste boxes from our work coffee machine into buildings, but discarded the idea as not workable due to the size and condition of the boxes.

This time however, I was in a time crunch, so I made a "skin" for the buildings in MS Publisher, printed the skin and stuck it on. You can see version one without the balcony floor, and version two with it.

I think the results are ok (certainly enhanced by the graffiti), but more as LOS blockers than as playable terrain. These never saw the table (we played x-wing all weekend instead) so they are dust collectors for now.

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Weekend X-Wing

Two TIE/D, TIE/IN, TIE/B, and four TIE/LN vs. some rebel scum
So this weekend my family was away with my mother-in-law, doing fun stuff at the coast.  Aside from doing some pretty serious outdoors work, my buddy TheDocta came over and we played X-wing.  Quite a lot of it in fact. Pictured above is one of our larger games (160 points if memory serves), although we did make it up to 260 in our final blowout game, which took several hours to play, and was a mad scrum of bases in contact. The defender is a fun ship to fly, and the tractor beam is great fun indeed. (and absolutely crushing "Luke Skywalker: greatest hero in the galaxy" is a particular treat)

Unfortunately our grander ambitions of playing 40k and Axis and Allies fell by the wayside, but there was talk of doing this again for his forthcoming milestone birthday.

Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finishing What I Started - Space Marine Scouts

A while back, probably in 2002, I started painting some metal close combat Space Marine Scouts, got them about 90% finished, and stopped.  They then languished, like many projects in a drawer.

I am (hopefully) hosting a few games this weekend, and aside from painting some things that I am anticipating using in the games, I noticed these guys, and realized that they were "low hanging fruit" so to speak, and brought them forth for completion. Some paint touch up, inking and some base work, and they were completed.

Possibly a bit too much sun
It appears that I am not any better at freehand painting insignia than I was lo 14 years ago. The figures still need to be flocked/tufted, and sealed, but are otherwise complete, which is better than they were previously.

Still, it is nice to get them this far along.

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Quick Color Test

Sorry for the silence lately, I actually have a number of articles pending, usually waiting for some final step or another or better photography. 

Anyway this weekend I did a quick color test for some "hardwood floor" I am making for a base. 

I took a Popsicle type stick, scored it with a razor saw, and painted it with three different washes.  From left to right we have Citadel "Drakenhof Nightshade", a custom mix I make with Citadel Black ink (from 20 years ago!), and last is Citadel "Reichland Fleshshade"(which probably would have benefited from another coat).

What do you think?  Which makes the best hardwood floor color?