Thursday, August 29, 2019

15mm Skirmish Plans

I moved my desk again recently, which gave me the chance to tidy up a bit and photograph  my 15mm skirmish force that I previewed in the last post. 

Shown are a German Panzergrenadier platoon (Battlefront metal figures) and support assets (nearly all Old Glory cast Command Decision).

The three squads of the platoon are based on what I will euphemistically call "19mm copper clad zinc disks", with larger versions of the disks for the machine gun teams.  The best part about this basing is that it cost mere pennies. Then I increased the cost by buying self-adhesive magnetic disks, which you can see to the right of the picture.  PzG platoons are small and thus brittle, but very shooty with all those machine guns. (and I had them on hand)

Additional Company/Battalion/Regimental/Divisional assets:
Under officer, panzerfausts, sniper, MMG squad, LeIg 74, PAK 40, Stug III (with gun variations), Panzer IV H, Panther, SdKfz 222, a standard SdKfz 251 and a 251/10 commander's vehicle (with 37mm gun), and a couple of kubelwagens.

I clearly like all of the additional assets!  Happily, everything here except the MMG squad was drawn from my reserves of miniatures, since 13 years ago or so I had the idea that I would like to play Flames of War and bought a couple of kilograms of metal to that end. The grey painted Panzer IV and the SdKfz 251 have been on my painting desk since then...

What I do not have are on board mortars, forward observers, medic, or any panzerschreck teams.  Or terrain, rules, or an opposing force...

Thursday, August 22, 2019

So it has been a while...

Hello blog followers.  Sorry that it has been so long since the last post.  I would give excuses about being busy with this, that, and the other, but really I was just not doing a lot of hobby, and for whatever reason did not want to blog about other things. 

I have been painting those Night Goblins from my prior post, and have them nearly finished.  Then again they have been nearly finished for a couple of months, so we will see how long it takes me to actually get them done done.

Even though I have not been hobbying that much, I have (as one does) been on Ebay, which is pretty dangerous.  I managed to lose a bunch of bids, which is good, if frustrating, but did win this WHFB dwarf lot...

 That is an old Marauder organ gun, a mostly complete bolt thrower, a steam 'coptor, a mess of crew dwarves, and some random warmachine pieces.  Plus eight monopose plastic dwarves and three newer dwarves that fit in with my army.  And Burlock Damminson.

Once I had bought something, it was easier for something else to fall into the cart...
 In this case a 210x150cm "tapestry" that will work very nicely as a play mat for space games, as seen in the next picture.

And finally, if various projects are stymied by having a lack of time, and you just unexpectedly bought some new miniatures for an old army, then naturally you should be starting a different and completely incompatible project...

I.e.  15mm WWII skirmish gaming.

So that is where I am at.  What about you?

Thursday, January 17, 2019

Night Goblin Conversions

I managed to do a little sculpting last week to move these Night Goblins along.  I am trying to strike while the iron is hot, so to speak, before I inevitably drift into thinking about other projects.

Converted Boss, Banner Boss, Shaman, and another Boss
Since I took this picture I finished prepping a 30 member regiment of spear gobbos, and now I am just waiting for a warmer weekend afternoon to get to priming.

Of course, given the time of year I may be waiting a while (and I spent the last one doing work on the house).

Thursday, January 10, 2019

Brigade Miniatures order

Midway through last month, I took advantage of the annual Brigade Miniatures holiday sale to order some bases and a few other things (it was pretty hard to resist testing out 15mm scifi, or getting a swath of space ships).  I ordered on the 14th, and it made it to my house on the 24th, which is pretty impressive for international shipping, particularly during the holiday season.

The main thrust of my purchase was to get these nifty bases that Brigade has for use with my Trek project.  I figure these bases will be great for tracking drones, missiles, plasma, fighters, and shuttles.  Each base is comprised of a metal hex with a die dock in the top, and a 3mm hole for a flight stem.  I got three varieties of micro dice to fit in the docks, and I will either use spare GW flight stems or buy some 3mm acrylic rod.

Shown with GW flight stem
I also bought a few packs of space fighters and other ships for multiple uses.  They could be used as fighters and shuttles in a Trek game, or on their own as micro fighters in a space game, such as 5150: Fighter Command by THW.  (which allows for solo play too)

Here is a sample of the fighters and other light craft.
Courier to fighters
 In addition to the "good guy" fighters, I got a transport and a corvette, as well as a pack of enemy fighters.

Anyway, a great buy from Brigade Miniatures, and inches me closer to having a complete Trek gaming set.  Now if only the magnets I ordered from China would show up.

Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gloomspite Gitz

Happily for me (but not for my budget), the next Age of Sigmar army is "Gloomspite Gitz" which rounds  up the Night goblins, Forest Goblins, and trolls into one army and adds quite a few new figures.  Here are some that have caught my eye:
The bad goblin himself
Plastic Squig hoppers! 
Troll King

Goblin cave terrain
In addition to these there are also an alternate build for the squig hoppers (with lances!), squig herd, a box of various drugged out shamans, new (tall) stone trolls, plastic mangler squigs, and several more.

Looks like GW is keeping up the frenetic pace they have been on, which is great for new models, but terrible for those of us with limited time and budgets!

What about you, will you be adding any goblins in the new year?

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Shapeways November Order

You may recall that there was a Shapeways sale for Cyber Monday 2018, which I know was quite a while ago.

Naturally I bought some of my own ships during the sale (why not save more?) and they arrived just after Christmas.

I got six Confederation frigates of three classes, five Imperial escorts of two classes, two more D6s, and a sprue of shuttles.  The printing seems to have come out perfectly, except that the sprue for the Imperial escorts was twisted and one of the frigates popped off its sprue.

I have an order of bases from Brigade Miniatures to go with these, and some magnets from eBay coming from China, and then I can get them based up and off to primer.

Looking forward to painting these sometime soon... at least before I buy a Unionist or Star Empire fleet!

Monday, December 31, 2018

Happy Christmas!

I hope Santa brought you what you wanted. (or if not that there are post Christmas sales that you took advantage of).

I spent the weekend prior to Christmas safely ensconced in the family mountain retreat, and managed to get a few games in.  We played a ton of Codenames, and a round of Risk Legacy.  Checking the board, it was the first time we played Risk Legacy since 1/1/2017!

All those games and I have never won...
Risk legacy still is not my favorite game, but it is great fun to play with the same people over and over, and see what happens in the game as we unlock or otherwise change things on the board.

While we were playing other games, the younger girls got their own game of Stragego together.
They assured me that they knew what they were doing.

I managed to convince my wife that my nephews needed Blitz Bowl for Christmas, and they were more than a little bit excited about it.
They could not wait to open it, and got it assembled before Christmas Dinner!  Three of us assembled figures, and all three were stabbed with the blades and spikes, so working as intended I guess. I tried not to be too much of a stickler for cleaning off the sprues and such, but I may show up with a hobby knife and a file sometime and smooth those figures out!

As far as my own loot, I got the D&D Art and Arcana book, a gift card to the FLGS from my mother in law, and Saw's Renegades for X-Wing from my sister.

And this little guy was under the tree too!

With daughter for scale... Halloween costume for 2019?
Anyway, hope you had a great holiday and a Happy New Year.

Monday, November 26, 2018

Shapeways Cyber Monday

By now you should have recovered from Turkey overloads (relatives), and Black Friday shopping madness (if you are in the US, or buying online).

Why not continue that with a bit of online shopping for Cyber Monday?

Shapeways is having a 15% off sale today and Tuesday, and you can celebrate by buying some great models from here: Space Facade

You could get something great like this:
IKS C6(b) Battle Cruiser
Or this:
Unionist Battle Cruiser Leader
Or if not, look around the site and see what else you could add to your armies... there is literally something for everyone. Use the code: HAPPYMONDAY

Friday, November 9, 2018

Disruptor dance

Just a quick set up picture since I was fishing out more bases and had all the miniatures on hand.

Federation fleet about to be atomized: two DDK, two standard transports, and one passenger liner (which I really ought to repaint).

Soon to be victorious Klingon fleet: two E3s, a D6, D7, F5W and F5.

The "game mat" here is just a couple of 11x17" papers, which are just about enough to play test with, but also shows why larger hexes are desirable!

Thursday, November 1, 2018

Ave Dulcis!

For Halloween this year, the boy wanted to be a Roman soldier... well alright then, I think we can make that happen...