Thursday, December 29, 2011

December Update

A belated Merry Christmas to all.

Things have been quiet here on the old blog, due to being sick and busy all at the same time.  Rest assured that I have been beavering away at my various Deepest Sea items, and more slowly working on getting the figures painted for the game... which happens in three days!

For Christmas this year I got Dreadfleet from my wife and her family, which was an unexpected treat.  I look forward to getting it all off the sprue, and reading through the rulebook. I could not wait to see the contents though, and already had a rummage around inside.  The details on the ships are pretty amazing, in particular the sails struck me as being excellent.  Looks as if it will be a big painting project for 2012.

The second surprise, was the D&D Rules Cyclopedia from my sister. This was a complete shock, because even though it was on my Amazon list, I basically put it there for my own reference.  I have paged through it a bit, and it seems every bit as comprehensive as I expected. In fact, I already got some game ideas from it.

There are a few other minor items that I will talk about in their own posts as I get to them.

And a slightly early Happy New Year... I am sure I will still be busy in the next few days, and probably will not get back to the blog to post again this year.