Monday, October 12, 2009


I have been painting quite a bit lately, but nearly all of it seems to be walls... I did manage to paint the pants and shoes for the remainder of the French Battalion, so at least there is some progress. Were I to be painting more constantly, I think I might be able to manage a battalion a month or two, which makes the "reinforced division" army more achievable in a reasonable time span.

In more positive news, I have been working on a few converted figures for Necromunda, using of all things, the new Empire Archers. This boxed set, when mixed with a liberal amount of items from my ancient bitz box will yield a gang of Delaque. Pictures soon. This whole project has sent my mind racing down other paths for Necromunda/Inqusitor/Dark Heresy type groups which can be made from my existing bitz.

In semi-hobby related news, my wife is getting a digital SLR soon, and I expect to be able to borrow it from time to time to take pictures of miniatures. So expect some giant photos of my painting foibles soon.