Monday, June 30, 2014

Perry Brothers Liberated

We are aware that there are rumours flying around that we have left Games Workshop! Thought we should set the record straight and let you all know that…we have! After 36 years, man and boy, working on Warhammer, 40K and of course, for the l...ast 15 years LotR and the Hobbit we are now able to focus our energy on our historical ranges.This means more time to dedicate to Perry Miniatures, and of course Mr Jackson who we continue to make 54mm WW1 figures for. We had an excellent evening on Friday at The Trip to Jerusalem with GW, and ex-GW, colleagues and friends who got us very, very drunk - cheers!
Above taken from the Perry Miniatures Facebook page.
With the move away from metal and now from individual figures, as well as the end of the LotR/Hobbit run... it only makes sense I suppose. 36 years at GW is more than enough for anyone, although with this departure, it means that there are even fewer "names" left at GW, as they leave for greener pastures. 
Celebrate by hurrying to the Perry Miniatures website and buying some figures!