Thursday, June 30, 2022

Falcon III

The Eldar Falcon tank I started when my wife was out of town over a year ago has been sitting in a nearly finished state on my desk for a while now, and it was really just the base holding me back.

I finally finished it with a bit of weathering power, and here it is. 

Here is the base, where I tried to do too much and had it take much longer than it should have.  In fact with brickwork, ground work, painting, washes, and weathering powders, this probably took about 1/3 of the time it took me to make the whole tank! 

Next up SHOULD be more Eldar, but you never know what will eventually come out here. 

Tuesday, June 28, 2022


So in my last substantive hobby post, back in February (!), I outline my future plans for the Eldar army, which consisted of doing the basing for the figures I had finished, finishing up the ones which were 80% done, and then painting the figures which I had built and primed.

So naturally instead this happened:

Yes, that is right, I went off the plan, which itself was already off the original plan, and made up this unit of Wraithblades (the choppy version of Wraithguard, which are basically robots piloted by Eldar ghosts).  This version has a large axe and a shield on the left arm, but they could have two swords instead. 

Each of these fine robotic fellows is comprised of a few parts

17 parts each!

Here are some closeups:

I actually painted these fairly quickly, but then got hung up on the bases, as is often the case. 

I went with the same sort of decayed urban zone as the Wraithlord, but then nearly ruined it with some overeager application of weathering powders.  I basically scraped that all off, and here is the result. 

So these turned out nicely, but the kit was sort of a pain.  All the parts of the Wraithlord, but a quarter of the size means that it was less satisfying to build, and the fixed ankles limited possibility.  There are however still two options I do not have, so I suspect there is still the possibility of another kit in my future. 

I have a couple other projects nearing completion, so it should look like I am making progress soon. 

I still have to do all those bases though...