Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Some of the fine blogs I follow have been featuring 2010 resolutions. In fact, nearly all of them have had such things.

Never being one to buck a useful trend, here are five of mine.

  1. Get in a game or two. In 2009 I played no games, and that is silly when one has 10 armies for several game systems. I need to at least play some solo games.
  2. Paint more figures. In 2009 I painted very little, mostly due to moving and so on. 2010 needs to be more productive. Idealy I would be painting at least 10 Olly points per month, which would be 120 figures per year.
  3. Figure out figure storage. I already have more "finished" figures than storage, so this is already pressing. Some sort of dust proof plastic boxes with steel sheet bottoms would be ideal.
  4. Get hobby room finished and set up. Once the in-laws move out of it, the room needs some work to make it hobby friendly. Fortunately, it will be able to exist in that state for several years.
  5. Use the airbrush again. Having used my airbush a single time is a great waste. With several tanks to paint, this seems like an ideal way to proceed, and having the hobby room set up will aid as well.

We will see how I did with them as the year progresses.

In other news, the baneblade has arrived, and over a couple of episodes of Star Trek the Next Generation, I managed to get 90% of it clipped out, and spent some time examining the fit of peices and so on. Very impressed with the kit, but is it worth $99 retail? Doubtful. A 1/35 large tank sells for much less, and has far superior detailing, as well as being a more technicaly proficent kit. On the plus side, I was impressed by the slide molding of the gun barrels. Having to fit together, glue, sand, and then drill out guns is a pain.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

2010 Project(s)

Well, I had a single vote on the post about "what should I do pre-baby's birth". Fortunately, this vote was my wife's, so it was the most significant. She voted that I should do something frivolous, such as a Baneblade. Well, her encouragement ringing in my ears, I hurried to the Warstore and made my order. (nicely taking advantage of their holiday sale). So that is settled then, and in about a week, I should have the massive box in my hot little hands.

I have already considered modeling options, and reviewed the White Dwarf with assembly instructions, and I think that I will be modifying the model slightly to more closely match the original Forgeworld issue. This will mean moving the sponsons to the 2/3 position, removing some rivets, and a few other cosmetic changes.

In other projects for 2010, I plan to finish painting the Imperial French Battalion I started in July, finish converting and paint the Delaque gangers, and work on my Steel Legion platoon (mostly painting).

As always, we will see how my plans go.