Saturday, July 25, 2020

Birthday Loot

I suffered through another annual reminder of my ever advancing age recently, which is particularly strange in these strange times.  At least my parents and sister could come to the backyard to help celebrate.

And I got some pretty sweet stuff.
Hit the Beach is a pretty amazing starter for FOW, since in addition to the starter set exclusive Germans and US infantry, it also has regular kit versions of pak 40s, panzer IVs, and a ton of M4 tanks.  All priced for $5 more than just a platoon of five M4 tanks would cost.  I was thinking about building a US medium tank company, and I would only need one more copy of Hit the Beach and a couple $9 sprues from Battlefront... might have to happen.  In any case, a few of the American options are going to be prepared soon for Chain of Command... and then probably painted very slowly over the next year.

The Warcry Gloomspite Gits box is a typical of current GW offering, where they take some older kits and bang them together in a box with extra materials for less than buying one of the kits on its own.  In this case the squig hoppers, which I wanted, come with three "sneaky snufflers", which I do not care about (but might be conversion fodder) as well as all the cards and boards needed to make up a Warcry... for exactly the same price as the squig hoppers alone.

Not sure why my mother thought that I wanted the Ultramarines banner, but at least the kid is excited!  I predict it will be hung in his room pretty soon, and is sure to feature in the myriad of Zoom calls he will be on in the fall.

In addition to the gifts from others, I happened to have an eBay score arrive at the same time.
In this case four platoons of FoW figures for a very low price.  Three German platoons, and one Italian (and the guy threw in a 12cm mortar platoon too, which with a range of 6km is hardly useful for skirmishing, except perhaps as a objective target).

Looks like lots of painting little men is in my future.

or is it?