Monday, July 6, 2009

Wagram 1809

From Miniatures

From Miniatures
Well, not a whole battalion, but I was able to get the grenadier company painted. They are meant to be from the 19th Line regiment, which had three battalions at Wagram, under Bernadotte. 1/42 of all companies needed to represent this Division.

These are AB figures, bought from Eureka USA. Very quick shipping, and reasonable prices, albeit a bit high for 15mm (18mm) figures. Not very much flash or other cleaning needed, and fairly well cast. The only major flaw was that the saber hand guards were miscast, but since they are about half a millimeter in size, we can forgive that.

The paint job is not quite as bad as seen here, which is about twice life size, and with a flash too boot. Painting these guys was something of a learning experience, as I had to refer to my handy Osprey as I went, and as they have as much detail as some 25mm figures. In any case, the next few companies will be easier to paint.

The base is something of a work in progress (note the lack of blackened rim), and it needs some static grass.

200th anniversary today, so that is something. The rest of the battalion is primed, so I will be working on them as I have time.