Monday, January 9, 2017

Banana Heads II

Continuing on with my Eldar painting experiments, I managed to build and paint a full figure recently, which then languished until I had a chance to seal off the paint.  As I mentioned the previous post, I greatly admired the original blue suit yellow head look, and used it here on a mixed vintage plastic figure.

Unfortunately my pictures are not the best, but here are a couple of shots where you can see the effect.

The blue of the armor is significantly more matte in person, but the color is not far off.  The plan is to do basing in that newfangled red crackle stuff GW puts out these days, which should work nicely with the deep blue of the armor and the yellow of the heads.



Mr Papafakis said...

He looks OK, but I can hardly see the poor bugger :P

May I suggest a couple of photography tips?

1. If your using your phone then move back a little to get into focus.
2. Increase the lighting intensity & aim it more to the front.
3. Play around with the "exposure" setting on your camera to help adjust for the light intensity.

Hope this helps :)

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks, the one, I agree with your assessment and tired again with worst results! So I broke out the "big gun" in the form of my wife's DSLR, so should have something super clear soon. (And then you can really see my painting shortcuts/failures!)