Monday, January 16, 2017

INQ28- Chaos Sorcerer

Like many, I got a "free" Age of Sigmar Stormcast Eternal as a cover mount on the old weekly White Dwarf magazine. As the idea of the "Sigmarines" interested me not at all, I decided that the figure would be converted to a true scale space marine, and given the nature of the armor, quickly settled on a Chaos one.   I added some leftover bitz from a Chaos Terminator Lord, and sculpted a few addtions as well. Then like most conversions, I put it in a drawer for a while and it did not get paint.  This summer, I realized that the figure had been completed for a year, and determined that I would paint it, and after some fits and starts, it got completed before Christmas.

Here is the result.

The primary armor color is a Word Bearer maroon that I created by painting blue ink over scab red.  Has a very deep color when it worked out correctly, but the blue ink wash pooled a bit much in a couple of areas making it more blotchy purple there.

Anyway, I am pretty pleased with it, what do you think?


Eric Wier said...

He looks great! I think you were able to use the Stormcast model well; it does not read as a stormcast model when you first see the model. Your selection of head was good; it is scaled well and fits with the Word Bearers well. I also really like the inclusion of the classic bolter on his side!

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Eric!

I really wanted to include the classic bolter, so much so that I stuck with it, even when the strap covered over the carefully sculpted ducting of his torso... should have planned that a bit better.

I think changing the toes helped to cover up the "Stormcast" look of the legs, although it is obviously there if you look.

Suber said...

One of the most interesting uses of a Sigmarine I've seen so far, if not the best. You certainly got an eye for this kitbashing and converting. Nice!!

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Suber! I thought that the armor would best suit chaos...

As for Kitbashing/converting, it is by far my favorite part of the hobby. If I could only paint faster(and better).