Friday, January 6, 2017

2017 Plans

Since it seems like the time to discuss the plans one has for the forthcoming year, here are mine.

I want to paint a bit more, play a few more games, and clear out some of the accumulated clutter I have gathered over the 20(!) years of hobby.  To that end, I am trying to set some actual goals, plan out purchases in advance, and possibly plan a hobby/game day with some buddies. Plus sell things.

I actually went through some of my many boxes and pulled out a number of items that I can possibly live without.  This is very hard for me, because I have a fairly good memory of what I wanted to do with each item, and feel bad about giving up on the projects.  However, things must go! So in the next month or so I will pitch a lot of it up on Ebay.  Ideally it will garner enough to offset the items below.

I need a few new paints to accommodate some new paint schemes and widen the color pallet
Grass tufts to replace those used up and widen the color pallet
Uyumaru to allow for some part duplication
a couple of boxes of figures
an assortment of bitz to finish off other projects (which somehow comes out to quite a lot of money!)

Terrain so I have something to game over besides a few cardboard boxes 
Harlequins (Ebay surprise aquisition)
Sisters of Battle repaint/finish
and the Baneblade at last!

Challenges: Besides the possibility of the lure of Ebay throwing a spanner in the works, I tend to be very slow at painting and finishing projects, am easily distracted by new projects, and we may be moving house this year as well.  So no promises that any of the above will really happen!

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riot ville said...

Moving house will certainly make you re-assess the lead pile!!