Wednesday, February 5, 2014

White Dwarf Weekend

This weekend I made it into the local game store to get the new weekly White Dwarf, the new monthly Warhammer Visions, and also to scope out all the newest and greatest things.

I was partly successful, in that they did not have any copies of Warhammer Visions, but I did manage to get the weekly White Dwarf, as well as the previous two months' magazines.  I also noticed that Flames of War is down to about 3 feet of space in the very large store, and Bolt Action has taken all of its wall space.  X-wing was down to a couple of starter boxes and some TIE fighters, where as Star Trek Fleet Action took up all of its former space. The store was pretty quiet, but there were some older guys playing Battletech (with unpainted miniatures of course).

In regards to the weekly White Dwarf, it seems like a nice enough little magazine to me, and with a few tweaks I would be happy to subscribe to it.  However, there is currently no subscription option for the White Dwarf (just the Warhammer Visions), and having to go down to the shop weekly and spend $208 a year is a bit more than I can stomach.  So, in the absence of some sort of money saving subscription, I think that I will have to restrict myself to buying only the magazines associated with the games/armies I have, which will be difficult, as they are not announced in advance.

I have only had the chance to flip through the new magazine, so all I can say is that I liked the articles and material that were retained as compared to what was cut (no more store listings!).  I will also say that I was surprised that a more "disposable" version of the magazine has an even higher print quality, as the cover and pages are quite thick and durable.  Indeed, it compares to the quality of a Warhammer 40k 3rd edition Codex, but full color.

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