Thursday, January 30, 2014

Painting progress

I am in fact still alive, and still working on Tau, albeit a bit slowly.  Previously I had base coated, based, and inked all the figures, as reported here.  Then I laboriously went back and highlighted with the base coats again, wherein the poor definition of the casting for these figures annoyed me again (particularly in the legs).  Yesterday I finished up the armor paint job, and today I painted the feet and hooves, so I am just a few colors away from completion.  At this point I estimate that I will have invested around 25 hours into this project, which works out to be an hour per figure.  Not too bad from sprue to finished project, but a bit long if I were intending to paint up another couple platoons worth for a full company.

When these figures are finished, I have the pathfinders to build and paint, as well as a few filler figures for this platoon (mostly to allow them to be standard 40k Tau, instead of configured for StarGrunt II)

In other news, White Dwarf Weekly and Warhammer Visions both launch on Saturday, so if I can slip out of the house to buy copies of each, look forward to a review of sorts.

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