Tuesday, February 11, 2014


Long ago I painted up a regiment of dwarfs for use as a Dogs of War regiment in my Empire army.  Correspondingly, they had some puff and slash arms, and a few other "Empire" features.  I decided that I liked dwarfs enough to get more, and as was my habit at the time, bought some (many).

With the latest release from Games Workshop being the Dwarfs, I felt inspired, and had a rummage through my various boxes and bit bins and discovered that I have well over 2000 points worth of Dwarfs unbuilt, and of course unpainted.  These are mostly 5th edition metal and 6th edition plastics, with a few newer pieces courtesy of the 7th edition starter box, Battle at Skull Pass.  Really, All I lack are rare pieces, such as a flame cannon or a gyrocopter, but neither of those are particularly expensive if I wanted to add them.

I do not have any pictures of my first regiment at hand, but I do have pictures of my converted lord carried on a shield, which I built in 2008, and in a rare move for me, painted very quickly.

Magnetized so he can walk as well.
Hopefully my next dwarfs will be painted sooner than 6 years from now!

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