Friday, March 15, 2013

Inquisitor d1000 Part 5 - Bling

Here is a d200 table of Bling as part of the d1000 inquisitor attributes project. Go back and read that post if you want to know what this is about.

I went with the term "Bling" because of its conotation as flashy but useless items.  If you are older, and perfer older slang, try using "Gewgaws".  In any case, these are interesting, showy, but 99% useless items, including those that seem to have a use, in this case, they are just show versions of a real item, and either have a limited battery life, insufficent power, or similar to prevent them from being really useful.  They do however, indicate the character of the Inquisitor, most of the indications suggesting that they are vapid, vain, or shallow.

Roll Bling
1 Amsec neck flask
2 Antigrav coat, minor
3 Antigrav plate, minor
4 Back banner
5 Back banner, advertisement (d4 Local/off planet/imperial/alien)
6 Back banner, Mon/Family crest
7 Beard, false
8 Beard, inverse holographic flames
9 Beard, of beads
10 Beauty marks (d6)
11 Bell fringe
12 Belt, aquilas
13 Belt, bell
14 Belt, braces
15 Belt, bullets (false)
16 Belt, garter
17 Belt, gold
18 Belt, hangman's noose
19 Belt, human hands (d4 real/rubber/skeletal/clasping)
20 Belt, Obi
21 Belt, prayer beads
22 Belt, skulls
23 Bib, decorative
24 Bib, feasting
25 Blood font, recirculating
26 Boils, false
27 Bolo Tie
28 Bonnet, frilly
29 Bow Tie
30 Bracelet, bells
31 Bracelet, binders
32 Bracelet, gaudy
33 Bracelet, handcuff
34 Braid, gilt (d6 feet of)
35 Cane, gaudy
36 cane, symbolic carvings/head
37 cane, wooden
38 chalice, blood
39 chalice, wine
40 chaps, leather
41 chaps, raw fur
42 chron chain symbol (d4 religious/sport/Ordos/cult)
43 chron chain, ostentatious
44 closed book (false)
45 clothing, false color camouflage
46 clothing, golden
47 clothing, patterned
48 cod piece, large
49 cod piece, representative (d2 male/female)
50 cod piece, spiked 
51 cod piece, translucent (d2 clear/magnifying)
52 collar, stock
53 contacts, false colored
54 Cravat
55 credit dispenser, automatic, low value coins
56 crown, eagle wings
57 crown, feathered
58 crown, flame
59 decorative external circulatory system
60 ear horn
61 Earrings, Aquila
62 Earrings, gaudy
63 Earrings, handcuff
64 Earrings, religious icons
65 earrings, skulls
66 Eldar symbols
67 embedded bones
68 embedded skin aggravators
69 embroidery, Ordos related
70 embroidery, silver
71 eye patch, decorative
72 false finger nails, long
73 false lashes
74 false nose, large
75 false tail
76 false tongue, silver
77 fan, lacquered
78 fanon, ecclesiastical
79 flowers, as boutonnière
80 flowers, as headband
81 flowers, growing from hair
82 fur trim
83 garter, decorative
84 garter, symbolic
85 Gem encrusted clothing
86 Gem encrusted clothing (false)
87 glitter fan
88 gloves, decorative
89 gloves, fingerless
90 gloves, flayed skin
91 gloves, lace
92 gloves, riding
93 gloves, shoulder length
94 gloves, workman's
95 halo, golden
96 halo, holographic
97 hat, jester
98 headband, devotional
99 holographic aura generator
100 horns, decorative (d6)
101 incense burner
102 Iron crown
103 Keys, oversized decorative
104 knee cap, moon face
105 knee cap, skull
106 lace collar
107 lace cuffs
108 Lace Ruff Collar (d3 feet wide)
109 laud hailer, hymns
110 laud hailer, personal soundtrack
111 leather fringe trim
112 lights, strobe
113 makeup, face distorting
114 makeup, fashionable
115 makeup, glowing
116 makeup, grotesque
117 mask, alien (d6 eldar/ork/tau/hrud/imaginary/minor)
118 mask, domino
119 mask, flayed face
120 mask, golden
121 mask, grotesque
122 mask, human
123 mask, monster
124 mask, white gloss
125 Medals, (d6 military/Ordos/religious/cult/decorative/bought)
126 minor saints relics (false)
127 Neck Tie
128 necklace, Aquila
129 necklace, bell
130 Necklace, d4 skulls
131 necklace, ears (d2 human/alien)
132 necklace, fuzzy randomizer cubes
133 Necklace, gaudy
134 necklace, gorget, ornamental
135 necklace, mirrored
136 Necklace, teeth (d2 human/beast)
137 nose to ear chain
138 open book, decorative
139 Oversized belt buckle
140 painted on clothing item
141 patches, decorative
142 patches, functional
143 Pelisse, decorative
144 Perfume font, recirculating
145 perfume puffer
146 pictograms, erotic
147 pictograms, saints
148 pictograms, wanted posters
149 Pin, (d6 decorative/religious/cult/society/skull/smile icon)
150 pulsing heart
151 pulsing lights
152 purity seals (d20)
153 Purse, decorative
154 ring, Aquila
155 ring, rosette
156 rings (d10)
157 Rosarius (fake)
158 Sabertache, decorative
159 sash, (d3 gaudy/Military/Tribal)
160 Scarf, aviator's
161 Scarf, patterned
162 scars, false
163 scripture embroidery
164 scrolling text light, religious (d20 words in length)
165 scrolling text light, secular (d20 words in length)
166 service studs (d6)
167 shoes, buskins
168 shoes, Chopines
169 shoes, Crakows
170 shoes, Getas
171 shoes, heel clickers
172 shoes, High heels, extravagant
173 shoes, slippers
174 Shoulder pads, Epaulettes (d4)
175 shoulder pads, extensive
176 shoulder pads, mechanical flag waving
177 shoulder pads, spiked
178 shoulder pads, tasseled
179 sign language mechadendrites
180 sleeves, hanging
181 snuff dispensing shirt cuffs
182 spectacles
183 spurs, doth jingle and jangle
184 stains, (d3 false/blood/from lack of care)
185 stole, (d3 decorative/ecclesiastical/fur)
186 stretched neck
187 stuffed animal (d3 real/fake/child's)
188 swagger stick
189 tabac cigarillo holder
190 tabac pipe (d4 long, short, tiny, carved to be skull shaped)
191 tail (wolf, rat, grox, horse)
192 teeth, blackened
193 teeth, false fangs
194 teeth, gold
196 translucent skin patch, decorative
197 tutu
198 veil, (d3 short/long/floor dragging)
199 wig, large
200 wings, decorative (d4 angel/leather/insect/holographic)


Porky said...

You know it's a good table when you just want to roll and roll, and when it makes you smile reading through. Lots of interest here and more insights into that wider world. It looks like you're having as much fun with it as I am.

We're getting the kinds of doubles that might be expected and it's going to be harder and harder to avoid that - I doubt I'll be able to leave out tails for example - but with the huge numbers we're producing it should only be a percentage point or two overall, and the fine detail should still keeps things plenty distinct enough. There's bags of that detail here.

That's c. 750 then and I'm about halfway through the 200 for the arms. We're doing quite well for just over a week, and you especially - halfway already.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Porky, making theses lists IS fun. I always liked that part of RPG games as well...