Thursday, March 7, 2013

Inquisitor d1000 Part 1

In our last entry on the subject of Inquisitors, I presented some rough rules for generating a warband, based in part on those for creating a chaos warband.  I mentioned at the time that I did not have an equivalent to the d1000 personal attributes table. 

In the comments for that entry, Porky mentioned that he could help generate a d1000 table, and that we ought to do it as a crowd sourced project.  I did not get back to him as quickly as I ought to have, and so he went ahead and started the table on his blog, with part one, head.

This is a most excellent table with 100 options for an inquisitor's head, ranging from scars to baldness to voxboxes and gills.  You should definitely check it out, and I feel that it has pretty broad usage beyond Inquisitors.  It also has some terrific imagery, which gives me some ideas for models as well, so the project is working! (e.g. a brain hatch held in place by a cord and with purity seals)

However, it is not exactly what I had in mind either, which is great, because we can pursue this thing concurrently, and either end up with one mega d2000 table, or blend it all together in to a lovely mess of a table. 

What I had in mind is this.  That an Inquisitor gets d4 rolls on the chart per level [i.e. a level 3 blunt gets 3d4 rolls on the chart], and that the first d10 rolled breaks the table into categories.  Having the Retinue roll on the chart would be optional, but it seems that the Acolytes at least should roll once on it, merely as inquisitors in training.

Roll Category
0 Appearance
1 Bionics
2 Demeanor
3 Garb
4 Weapons
5 Bling
6 Equipment
7 Hidden
8 Psyker
9 Stats

Having equipment, random additional Psyker powers and stat changes as part of the table gives it  some more old school flavor, as you would not know what you are going to end up with, which for me is part of the charm of these things.  So stay tuned for more of this as it develops, and do check in on Porky's table, and contribute if you have any ideas.


Porky said...

This really is going to be superb. You have things in your list I hadn't given much thought to, like demeanour and garb, and being reminded gets my mind working in new directions.

That said, to help keep the two 1,000s from doubling up too much I could stick to structuring purely around the body, e.g. head, arms, chest, back, abdomen etc. and avoid anything too easily categorised using this list.

But... what I could also do to help cross-compatibility as I go is present the entries I post in two forms, once as a block themed table like I did today and once reorganised to match your categories as closely as possible. There are plenty that could fit appearance for example. As you suggest, that would then let the bravest players roll on a lovely mess of a combined, expanded table, and if other people follow suit in posting more entries they could soak into this system many, many more options.

The numbers might be odd for a while as the lists grow, but that could lead to innovations in rolling technique as well. With your 100 for appearance for example and say 43 or even a round 50 more from me and various other people, there'd be a need for a d150 or d143...

Good stuff.

Lead Legion said...

I'm really looking forward to seeing how this develops.

Lasgunpacker said...

I love the idea of rolling on a d143 table for appearance, and it seems perfectly in keeping with this sort of table.

I would not worry too much about numbering until we are at the end of the project, that is what spread sheets are for after all.