Thursday, March 14, 2013

Inquisitor d1000 Part 4 - Clothing

Here is a d100 table of Clothing/vestments as part of the d1000 inquisitor attributes project. Go back and read that post if you want to know what this is about.

Mostly standard/military type clothing, with a few unusual choices.  These should not be regarded as the only clothing worn by the Inquisitor, merely as a signature, or unusual item which will help to select the miniature, or establish a mood, as indeed no clothing at all may be rolled when using the full d1000. Those items which are held to be gendered may be skipped or rerolled if desired, although one imagines that 38 millennia in the future, some ideas on gender will have changed.

Roll Clothing
1 Armor, carapace
2 Armor, hauberk
3 Armor, mesh
4 Armor, steel full harness
5 Body Glove, armored, matt black
6 Body Glove, Camoline
7 Body Glove, gloss black plastic
8 Body Glove, strategic zippers
9 Body Glove, tight, multi colored
10 Boots, combat
11 Boots, delicate embroidered
12 Boots, Riding
13 Boots, thigh high
14 Boots, wading
15 Cape, long
16 Cape, short
17 Cloak, long
18 Cloak, short
19 Coat, double breasted
20 Coat, embroidered
21 Coat, flack armored
22 Coat, fur
23 Coat, hunter's (d2 camouflaged/traditional)
24 Coat, Jokaero fur ruff
25 Coat, Morning Jacket
26 Coat, of plates
27 Coat, sleeveless
28 Coat, storm
29 Coat, studded leather Jacket
30 Coat, trench
31 Coat, waist
32 Coat, Woolen Over
33 corset, padded
34 corset, tight
35 Crown
36 Dress, cocktail, black
37 Dress, flaming
38 Dress, grey shift worker's frock
39 Dress, high waisted ball gown
40 Dress, holographic
41 Dress, pleated
42 Dress, poofed shoulders
43 Hat, aviator cap
44 Hat, bearskin
45 Hat, bicorn
46 Hat, data socketed
47 Hat, Deer stalker
48 Hat, Fedora
49 Hat, fur
50 Hat, Miter (d2 military/ecclesiastical)
51 Hat, pointed hood
52 Hat, Pork Pie
53 Hat, skull cap
54 Hat, top, black
55 Hat, trucker
56 Helmet, bronze
57 Helmet, Cadian pattern
58 Helmet, Dragoon
59 Helmet, Elysian pattern
60 Helmet, horsehair crested
61 Helmet, Soriatas pattern
62 Kimono
63 Pants, blood striped
64 Pants, knickers
65 Pants, embroidered
66 Pants, hose (d2 legs same/legs different color)
67 Pants, Jodhpurs
68 Cloth wrap (toga/great kilt)
69 Pants, tight
70 Pants, woolen
71 Power Armor, Astartes style
72 Power Armor, Soriatas Style
73 Pull over, Commando
74 Pull over, heavy woolen
75 Pull over, V necked
76 Robe, belted
77 Robe, hooded
78 Shawl, decorative
79 Shawl, warm
80 Shirt, hair
81 Shoes, large buckle
82 Shoes, saddle
83 Shoes, sturdy
84 Skirt, leather
85 Skirt, pleated
86 Suit, cheap woolen
87 Suit, fine spinner silk
88 Suit, flayed skin (d2 human/alien)
89 Suit, fur (animal/
90 Suit, gaudy
91 Suit, ill fitting
92 Tabard
93 Uniform, battle dress (d4 Cadian/Vostroyan/Armageddon/Krieg/other)
94 Uniform, mess dress
95 Uniform, security officer
96 Uniform, service worker's coveralls
97 vest, many pockets
98 Void suit, combat boarding
99 Void suit, emergency, orange
100 Void suit, illuminated (d4 gang/religious/decorative/personal)

Anyway, let me know what you think.  I have "Bling" mostly finished as well, although it is well over 100 items...


Porky said...

I think it's ideal. It's impressive in the range again, and not only in the number of key items, but for the spread of types, as with the coats. I can't decide if the icing on the cake is the black cocktail dress or the orange void suit - both could cause some emotion if they came up.

Only the skull cap is a partial reappearance, although I very nearly went with a fedora too. The relative lack of duplication so far is very comforting. There's plenty of ideas out there, that's for sure, and hopefully that fact will encourage new people to jump in with their own parallel lists.

My next batch should be up in just a mo to make it about 550 so far. We're a long way down the road already.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks again Porky. I actually trimmed the list a bit to keep it at 100, so I could have gone on for a while with shoe, shirt, or coat variations, but I have reserved some for "Bling" as they are in fact just decorative variations, rather than substantive.