Friday, March 8, 2013

Inquisitor d1000 part 2 - Bionics

Here is a d100 table of Bionics/implants as part of the d1000 inquisitor attributes project.  Go back and read that post if you want to know what this is about.

Mostly standard and self explanatory, although some of them hint that the inquisitor in question might not be the most pure...

Roll Result
1 High Quality Bionic eye  left/right
2 Standard Quality Bionic Eye  left/right
3 Low quality Bionic eye left/right
4 Implanted Tabac heater and absorption device (pipe form)
5 Voxcoder mouth replacement
6 nutrient injection port (d4 mouth, neck, nose, base of skull)
7 Implanted metal fangs, standard
8 Implanted metal fangs, poisoned
9 Noospheric radio receiver
10 Vox Caster implant
11 Data socket, base of skull
12 Pleasure center stimulator implant
13 Butcher's nails implant
14 Ocular integrated laspistol (one shot)
15 supplementary mandible bite
16 cogitative enhancer, standard
17 Supplementary bionic eyes (d4)
18 High quality bionic leg, left
19 Standard quality bionic leg, left
20 Low quality bionic leg, left
21 implanted power boot, left
22 steel peg leg implant, left
23 wooden leg, articulated, left
24 data reservoir left femur
25 deadman implanted bomb, left femur
26 bionic climbing claw foot, left
27 ornamental Aquila foot, left
28 Implanted autogun leg, left
29 High quality bionic leg, right
30 Standard quality bionic leg, right
31 Low quality bionic leg, right
32 implanted power boot, right
33 steel peg leg implant, right
34 wooden leg, articulated, right
35 data reservoir right femur
36 deadman implanted bomb, right femur
37 bionic climbing claw foot, right
38 ornamental Aquila foot, right
39 Implanted autogun leg, right
40 High quality bionic arm, left
41 Standard quality bionic arm, left
42 Low quality bionic arm, left
43 laspistol finger implant, left hand (d4 fingers)
44 implanted auto pistol, left hand
45 data socket, left wrist
46 mechadentrite finger replacements, left hand
47 powder spoon finger, left hand
48 implanted power fist, left arm
49 wooden arm, left
50 implanted subdermal rosette, left hand
51 climbing claws, left hand
52 venom hand claw implants, left hand
53 extensible wrist knife blade, left wrist
54 implanted hidden pocket, left forearm
55 detachable rocket punch hand, left
56 syringe fingernails, left hand (d4 fingers)
57 lock pick fingernail implants, left hand
58 hidden data key, left hand
59 razorblade finger, left hand (d4 fingers)
60 High quality bionic arm, right
61 Standard quality bionic arm, right
62 Low quality bionic arm, right
63 laspistol finger implant, right hand (d4 fingers)
64 implanted auto pistol, right hand
65 data socket, right wrist
66 mechadentrite finger replacements, right hand
67 powder spoon finger, right hand
68 implanted power fist, right arm
69 wooden arm, right
70 implanted subdermal rosette, right hand
71 climbing claws, right hand
72 venom hand claw implants, right hand
73 extensible wrist knife blade, right wrist
74 implanted hidden pocket, right forearm
75 detachable rocket punch hand, right
76 syringe fingernails, right hand (d4 fingers)
77 lock pick fingernail implants, right hand
78 hidden data key, right hand
79 razorblade finger, right hand (d4 fingers)
80 implanted flak armor, torso
81 black carapace
82 data socket, torso
83 implanted extended digestive chamber
84 fan assisted oxygen generator
85 bionic heart
86 ceramite ribcage
87 intestinal gas vent
88 implanted reserve oxygen tank
89 implanted gold effect Aquila, chest 
90 100% genuine saint's rib as replacement
91 Holy water tear duct tank (d6 uses)
92 armor scale implants, torso
93 forked mechanical tongue
94 spinal armor plate
95 mechanical mandible mounted feeding hands
96 bionic primary sexual organs, improved
97 secondary nervous system
98 electromagnetic game of chance manipulator, right/left hand
99 combat drug injector, chest
100 auto-stim injector, chest


Porky said...

Outstanding. The mood just oozes. I love the weirder ones especially, the ones that go beyond the landscape we know, like the noospheric receiver and thigh bone reservoir. Lots of fresh variants on classic ideas too, like the flak implant and the relics. The detail on aspects like purpose, quality and location will definitely be a help when it comes to avoiding duplication.

I see what you mean about the hints too, and there's plenty of suggestion of darker secrets in general. It seems to me we're not only mapping new depths to the worlds we know, but new worlds altogether.

With this, zhu's and mine that's over 250 posted already. We're well and truly on it.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks! I tried to think of a few more generic sci-fi options, rather than just things we have seen before in 40k.

And I have some really good stuff in mind for #7, "hidden".