Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why must you tempt me so?

As is common with me, my attention flits from one war gaming project to another in the space of a week or so. I believe this is the case because of my very long term researching, collection, building, painting timeline, which can stretch for years (still working on my first Space Marine company nearly 12 years on, with not much to show for it). Last few weeks I have been thinking about Necromunda, and running a campaign. I even went so far as to convert a figure for the game, and to examine my bitz stockpile to see what else could be made for the game. Then there was a brief period when Warmaster became the interest, and I paged through the Warmaster Ancients book while also thinking about my Battle of Five armies box. And now on to our current issue.

The interest de’jure has become 15mm Napoleonics. As you probably know, Napoleonics are widely seen as the most pedantic of all war games due to the huge amount of information available on the period, the colorful profusion of uniforms, and the relative obscurity of some of this detail. The lack of dominance of a single game probably helps to keep the period muddled for gamers.

I have long desired to collect a 15mm Napoleonic army, using the rather wonderful AB figures. I once spent a month of lunchtimes reading everything I could about the period, rules, basing etc. I even read Swords around the Throne, a lengthy detailed book on the composition of Napoleon’s army, as well as a few Ospreys on the regiment types I would want to build. I have half way written a set of rules for the period, which is fine because like most of my projects I expect to have to collect both sides, and will for the most part be a solo gamer (or will train a friend to play, so might as well do things like I like)
[for the interested, FOW sized bases, companies as elements, around a 1:10 figure ratio]

So just while I was thinking of this project again, and even going so far as to look at figures, draw up a cost sheet, and figure out what each company would need for a French Battalion, what do I see but that AB figures are on sale!

Truly temptation is everywhere.

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