Sunday, October 12, 2008

From WFRP to fine art

From Miniatures
Recently, I have been interested in Warhammer Fantasy Role Play (WFRP), a role playing game based in the Warhammer Old World. Miniatures are not needed for the game, but being me, I wanted to convert some for it. I had this miniature from Pizzaro's lost legion, which I got to see if they could be converted to Spanish conquistadors armed with swords and bucklers. I think this shows that they can. I finished this figure to use as an Estalian fighter character for WFRP, should I ever get to play. (Outragous Faux-Spanish accents alone should be fun)

Once presented with the large blank canvas of the sheild, I had to do something more than usual. In this case I went for a rendition of Caravaggio's Medusa Aegis. While more ambitious than I probably should have been, I think that the final effect is quite nice.
From Miniatures

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