Thursday, October 9, 2008

A cross post from my personal journal

Avoiding the appearance of a substantive post, I have instead opted to do a hobby round up, to list all the armies/periods/collections I have in the works or in boxes, both as a way to motivate myself, and as a way to entice interest from those few of you who read this and may fancy a game. As you may know, I am heavily into miniatures games, and like most miniatures gamers, am quite prolific in my ordering, and less good at painting and gaming.

For those of you keeping track at home, the last such post was in 2006, since which time I have agreed to suspend and curtail miniatures purchases. The effect of this has been to focus my collections a bit more than would otherwise be the case, and with encouragement by the wife, I have actually painted a substantial number of figures in the last two years.

Ancients: Greeks-(28mm) a few packs of Hoplites, roughly aimed at the early Peloponnesian war era. Would need substantial increases to reach a playable army using WAB, may be suitable for a small scale skirmish game.

Renaissance: Conquistadores/Aztecs-(28mm) a pack of each, usable as testers for my Lord of the Pyramids Lord of the Rings rules adaption. Need to decide on square or round bases.

Horse and Musket: Prussians: (28mm) a few packs of 1816 Prussians that I acquired for a song. May be usable for skirmish gaming. Easy to paint though.

Modern Era: WWI Biplanes: (1/72) Two fighters at present, so sort of a skirmish level. Would ideally be expanded to a few flights per side, both to bulk up numbers, and to introduce all the bizarre variants that this war was known for.

Pulp/Noir/Gangsters: Several packs of figures, and some suitable terrain, merely lacking rules

Flames of War: (15mm) Germans, part of an armor company, Panzer grenadier support, few other items. Needs a few additional items to make it playable. (plus assembly and painting of course)

LotR: (25mm) Sizable Gondor army, smattering of dwarves and Rohan, and orcs of various flavors. Needs painting to finish things out.
Battle of 5 armies in 10mm, still sadly in the box. Would like to expand this to work with other large battles of Middle Earth, but would need to get a sizable Gondor army to make that work. May need auxiliary units such as dwarf archers.
Warmaster: (10mm) Empire army of a certain size, heavy on special regiments due to the vagaries of Ebay. Lacks terrain. Could be coupled with Bo5A terrain if carefully planned.
Warhammer Fantasy Battle: (28mm) Empire, Dwarves, Goblins, Ogres. The Empire forces are creeping towards being painted, and I have a fair number of goblins painted as well, including the contents of the Battle at Skull Pass boxed set. 100’s of figures to go of course.
WFRP: Warhammer fantasy role-play is a new interest, and I have managed to acquire and convert a few suitable figures. With a good number painted, I just need players… Could also mutate into a Mordheim/WH Skirmish game with little effort.
Sci Fi: Dirtside: (6mm) I have painted a reinforced company of one faction, but no progress on the other four. Have a few gaps in the miniature collection as well. Terrain for this game is well in hand thanks to my custom resin cast buildings, but it needs to be painted and based.
Federation commander: (1/3600) 3 TOS era Micromachines based fleets for this game. As pre-paints, these are mostly ready to go, but I have a few conversions that need to be painted. Would be good to own the real game, rather than using the tester rules to kluge together something playable. Need to build or buy Romulan and Klingon escorts to make the fleets balance out better.
Warhammer 40k (28mm): Marines, Imperial Guard, Eldar, Tau, enough Kroot to form their own small army, Inquisitorial forces… My first game, I have tons and tons of material for this. Around a company of Marines are painted, just need to be finished to be usable. Absurd amount of Guard, which given the pending rules update, will probably be mostly unplayable. I also have a fairly random collection of 2nd edition orks and Chaos figures, with a fair few Genestealers, but these are not playable in the current game, and no where near finished anyway.
Necromunda: Recently bitten by this bug, I actually have a fair number of Necromunda figures kicking around, as my Guard army was originally intended to be derived from Necromunda. Unfortunately, most of my figures are fairly random, so no complete gangs. Need Juves in particular. Paints quickly though, so if players were found, it could be done. Terrain is a major factor in Necromunda, but as of yet I lack any. Could be combined with 40k terrain.
Inquisitor: (54mm) several warbands worth of miniatures, mostly heavily converted, not a single one finished or painted. Needs terrain, and with the larger scale, this means larger terrain. I think that the Mechanium building for 40k should work , but is costly for large scale gaming. Fauxfly: A bit of a surprise here, to be discussed later.
BFG: Small scale space ships, of which I have a full Imperial fleet, and a Chaos fleet which lacks escorts.
Starwars Miniatures: (32mm) a veritable horde of figures, mostly aimed at getting a skirmish/Role-Play game together. As pre-painted figures, very little work is needed to finish these, baring a few paint touch ups and conversions. Needs terrain.

I think that is it. A substantial amount to be sure. All in all, I need to maintain the relative lack of purchases, and concentrate on painting something to completion. (or at least a playable army). That probably means Empire, as I am about 90% of the way there. I just need to finish up the spear regiment, and check the current army book for an appropriate point level to see if I need to paint more than that. All of my forces need terrain, in particular trees, as they can be used in many scales and games. Maybe a sack of them should be a Christmas list item.

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