Sunday, October 19, 2008

TOS Destroyers

A few years ago, I became interested in gaming with Star Trek models, particularly those of the original series era (TOS). This interest was sparked by the humble Saladin class destroyer, created by Franz Joseph in the first "official" technical guide to starfleet forces, the Starfleet Technical Manual. Something about the single nacelle look. To game in this period, one is usualy directed to figures from Armadillo games, which produces both Starfleet Commander, and the infamous Starfleet Battles.

However, not liking the prices of the metal miniatures, I went another route, and bought many Micromachine sets instead. Micromachines used to sell space miniatures cast in vinyl, three to a package, and thanks to Ebay, I was able to acquire them well after they became OOP. Once I had a suitable set of TOS era ships, I was able to create a few destroyers, which are detailed below.
From Space Miniatures

Side view of the destroyer.

From Space Miniatures

As you can see here, the paint job is a bit rough, which caused some problems with the ink. I think of it as light battle damage. I may forgo the ink next time, or paint another coat on top of it to rehighlight the areas currently marred by the blotchy ink.

From Space Miniatures

All three destroyers en route to some battle or exercise.

I am also slowly working on a converted Federation Battle Cruiser (flat engine arrangement, more guns, less lab), and a Federation Dreadnought (three engines, larger engineering hull), but those will have to appear in the future. I have also repainted a Klingon D-7 Battle cruiser as a Romulan K-7, and a Romulan warbird to have more a accurate paint scheme. Unfortunately these too were afflicted by the blotchy ink, so do not quite look as nice as one might wish.

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