Monday, November 27, 2017

Long Weekend - Little done

Variety of figures for a number of warbands (and one civilian). 
Here in the US, we had a rather long Thanksgiving weekend, where most get four days off.  One might think that I would get quite a bit of miniature time in, but as it happens I was mostly busy with family and house stuff.  I did get some miniatures ready for priming, as seen above, and did have a bit of time to work on polishing my cruiser designs. 
D6 based on Axanar design, and the D5s on SFB. 
This week I hope to finish painting my Federation ships, and get on with painting some of the figures I primed.


Stew said...

Ah, nobody has time to paint over Thanksgiving, don’t worry about it. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

True, but it even rained! ;)

Sean said...

Actually a fair amount done. The Holidays are always way busier than they appear on paper.