Monday, December 11, 2017

Klingons off the Port Bow

I am still continuing on my Trek binge.

Friday, I got a package in the mail from Shapeways, which contained the frosted ultra detail fruit of my digital labor. (Thanks to the Shapeways Cyber Monday sale)
Axanar D6, two E4s, F5, and F5W
 This first picture shows the Klingons I got in this order, which add an obsolescent cruiser in the form of the D6, and four escorts.  The two E4s are of my own design (based on the Axanar ships), and the F5 and F5W are obviously based on the SFB ships.
E4 and F5
 The detail is pretty extraordinary (albeit hard to see here), as you can easily make out the .4mm phaser turrets and .75mm disruptor cannon.  I expect these to turn out quite nicely when painted.
Closeup of the D6
 This Axanar D6 cruiser is based on a file I found on ThingyVerse, but heavily reworked to make it fit 1/3788 scale, partly by filling in gaps in the mesh, but also by reinforcing and thickening the neck and trimming details away from the disruptor cannon mounts.
D6 size comparison with a MicroMachines D7
Everything seems to have printed perfectly, and I am very pleased at how well these turned out, particularly the little frigate, which is a somewhat novel design.  I have several other 22nd Century ship classes and variations in the works, just need to have some more time to finalize them.  I also want to get these painted and battling some Federation stooges soon.


Geordie an Exiled FoG said...


horridperson said...

Cool! I caught a bit of a Trek bug over the summer and did a little painting of 1/7000 scale Enterprise era ships. Unfortunately I remain a less than diligent blogger and my efforts never made it to print (along with most of my projects :D ). Are you playing SFB proper? I was a bit overwhelmed by the scale of the rules and ended up gravitating toward ACA. It didn't seem as mechanically intensive but what really sold me was another bloggers ACA Enterprise project. I always get sucked in by pretty models.

Stew said...

“I expect these to turn out quite nicely when painted” — I take this as a commitment to paint and post pics. You are now obliged! 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

@Stew - yes, obligated for sure (just like all the other things I said I would paint or blog about), but these are third in the queue, after a Christmas project, and finishing the Feds.

@Horridperson - Not SFB proper, but possibly Federation Commander. I also have ACtA and Starmada, so it really depends on game scale (and what I end up liking more). You should blog your 1/7000 scale stuff, I would love to see it!

@Geordi an Exiled FoG - Thanks! They were a lot of fun to make (if sometimes frustrating), but unlike real modeling, the "undo" and "cut and paste" functions are amazing!

Dai said...

Hope I get an invite to when you plan to run your ST game - these look fab mate!

Lasgunpacker said...

@Dai yes of course! When it might actually come to fruition is another question.

Sean said...

Ahh, now I get it, Shapeways! Great work on these.