Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween Post

I have been a bit off my hobby game lately for a variety of reasons, but I did manage to take advantage of the annual Reaper Halloween offer to get some miniatures that I had my eye on, as shown in the first picture.  Reaper is doing a 25th anniversary miniature for each month, which I got, and the Halloween offer this year was three paints, candy, and a chance for a miniature... or a rock.  Fortunately I got a miniature this year, which appears to be a ghostly figure of some sort. Reaper is a great company, and I got these on Halloween as the kids were suiting up, so it worked out nicely.

I also managed to get some priming done, which will be helpful as the weather inevitably turns to cold and dark and I manage to get some time to paint (hopefully on that second bit!)

Federation fleet additions

Skitarri (and a metal Harlequin Death jester in the back)


Merijn said...

Nice collection of federation ships. What is it like to paint those bones models? How is the detail? I've been meaning to get sone but shipping has stopped me so far.

Lasgunpacker said...

I like the Bones figures mostly. They are slightly softer on details than their metal equivalents, but Reaper has gotten better at posing and designing the figures to fit, so you see fewer that have features that do not translate (often noses).

And they are fantastic for conversions, as a slice of the knife takes off whatever you want.

For painting, I find them to be nearly as good as plastics, in that getting the first coat on can be slightly difficult. However, washing the figures, and understanding that they are slippery vinyl goes a long way.

Chris Palmer at Allbonesaboutit paints a ton of the Bones figures, and his posts have some good tips. I have also used them to explore specific figures where it is hard to see the back or something on the Reaper site.

Merijn said...

Sounds interesting, I'll keep my eyes out for them.