Thursday, November 16, 2017

Quick Trek Progress Update

More progress has been made lately on Trek gaming, with some actual painting accomplished.
Base-coated DDKs, CA, and BC
And some TinkerCAD digital modeling.
Handy when they are all not much more than resized versions of the same thing
Not pictured are the CVS, DDL, and HS models I am also painting, and the D6 cruiser I am modeling, so more to come. 


Stew said...

How many starships make up a fleet?

I always thought the Klingon ships looked cooler than everyone else’s. 😀

irishserb said...

Always love seeing progress on a Star Trek fleet. Klingons look really good.

Lasgunpacker said...

@Stew Always more? Just like an wargames army. However, in more practical terms, you only need a few ships per side in Federation Commander, and maybe a dozen in "big" games (Starmada). At this point I am going more for variety.

@irishserb Thanks! Basing them on the official version helps too ;)

Sean said...

Very interesting. Tinker CAD? Are you 3D printing these? I'm out of the loop on this project.