Thursday, October 5, 2017

Trek-ing Along

Back in July, Captain Arjun of CorBlogMe very generously ran a little giveaway which I was fortunate enough to win.  The prize was three rule books from the Starmada version of SFB, including Klingon Armada, Alien Armada, and Distant Armada. (I believe that this is all of the books published, except for Romulan Armada).

I received a heavy package in early August, and have been consumed by thoughts of Trek more or less constantly since then.

Last night I had some time to myself, and got out all of my various MicroMachine based Trek ships.  As you can see I am pretty well fixed for Feds, but lacking in variety for the Klingon/Romulan forces.

Three DDK, Federation class Dreadnought, CB, two CA, three DDG.
I even got so excited that I sculpted my own take on a Burke class frigate, which, after some more polishing, I am going to cast copies of to further reinforce my Fed fleet (and further tip the balance to the "good" side).

The green lump on the left, size compared to a MicoMachines Constitution class
Then I just need to make some more cargo ships, and some Klingon and Romulans. Oh, and decide on rules and have some games of course.  More to come, so watch this space.


Sean said...

Very cool. Your scratch built ship looks pretty good. Captain Arjun has a nice blog. Reminds me that I haven't checked in over there in quite some time.

Stew said...

I love Star Trek! But I don't know much about Trek gaming so I'll be interested in what rules you select.

Now following the blog as well! 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks guys!

@Stew, for rules I currently have three options, Federation Commander, which is the slightly streamlined version of Star Fleet Battles (SFB), Starmada (as mentioned in the post), and A Call to Arms Star Fleet version. Each has their benefits and drawbacks. I should really play a couple of battles with Starmada and ACtA:SF to see how they compare with a classic match up (e.g. Klingon D7 vs. Constitution Class)

However, being the illogical being that I am, I spent my limited hobby time yesterday building yet another destroyer variant...

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