Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Shadow War: Armageddon Play Aides

As you may recall, I actually played a game recently, so expect a lot of posts having to do with material from that glorious morning, in one fashion or another.  In this post are some play aides I made for the game, although only the cards made it in time. 

First then are character cards for each of my warband members. (Inquisitor shown).  I made cards in MS Publisher with the relevant information, and added a few of the rules details to help me keep track of them.  I then added a picture of the figure in question for a bit of recognition, and printed them out on off-white heavy weight paper.  These proved to be useful during play, although I only got a few of the pictures added before I printed them the morning of the game. 

The second item are these lovely status markers created by JB the Asslessman, and modified by me to fit a US penny [19mm, and roughly the same size as a UK, Euro, and Canadian penny].  I had a whole sheet of these printed out prior to the game, and asked my lovely assistant to cut them out for me.  "Isn't that why we have a Cameo?" she replied, and thus they did not make it to the game.  I did glue these six together, and I think they look lovely next to my figures, so I will make a few more sets of them... for a cost of just pennies.  Ha.

I did finish the painting and basing for the figures, so they are just awaiting a matte spray before I photograph them for the blog.


Sebastian said...

Solid idea and smartly executed :)Again, great model too ;)

Sean said...

Those cards were great. Many moons ago I worked with Microsoft publisher, I need to see I can do something with what I have at hand. My litko counters finally arrived. More expensive than pennies, but still useful. I was sorely tempted to buy a silhouette, they were a few dollars off at the craft store.