Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Rey of Sunshine

It has been rather hot here (40°+ every day), so not much hobby has been accomplished.

However, it was my beloved wife's birthday, and I did manage to convert and paint a Star Wars Rey figure for her.  I used a Hasslefree miniature as the base, which with the correct head selection and some work to the staff and robes makes for a passable Rey figure.

Pose is a bit hard to photograph

I nearly had a heart attack when my daughter started shaking the wrapped box to try and figure out what was inside. 

Bit of a hasty superglue frosting on the base here

Now contained in a golf ball box
Unfortunately I ran out of matte spray after completing the figure, so I did not get the Inquisitional team finished, but they are nearly there.

 I did also help to "run" a murder mystery dinner party for her birthday, and wrote an additional character for it, so I guess that counts for hobby as well, but there really is not anything to show for that.


Mordian7th said...

Lovely work, man - Really dig how that turned out!

Sean said...

Cool gift. One thing to think about with depth of field is that, in addition to Aperture, the distance between camera and the subject has an influence.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks Mordain7th, and Sean, you are assuming that there is more to this paint job... in this case it was a bit rough and hurried!