Friday, June 2, 2017

Cut Paper Bases

In preparation for the SW:A game tomorrow, I designed a set of base toppers using our Silhouette Cameo.  Inspired by the sort of contemporary future bases you see on Infinity or other models, I knocked out these designs pretty quickly, and then wasted some time fiddling around with other things that did not turn out as well (a truss, hex grating, tiny letters etc.). The version you see here is cut from heavy weight paper, and is about .1mm smaller than the top of the 30mm bases I am using. Super glued to the base and then painted, they will be quite durable.

After this picture was taken I dressed up the bases quite a bit more, but you will have to wait to see how they turn out when I post my Inquisitorial Kill team next week sometime.

1 comment:

Sean said...

Neat! I'm excited to see these in person and learn how you made them.