Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Coffee Box Buildings

As I mentioned in prior posts, I expected to play a game or so of 40k and so I cast about for some scenery for the game.  I have a few plastic buildings, but I wanted something a bit more futuristic, and more colorful than unpainted plastic. A year ago, I worked on some ideas for turning waste boxes from our work coffee machine into buildings, but discarded the idea as not workable due to the size and condition of the boxes.

This time however, I was in a time crunch, so I made a "skin" for the buildings in MS Publisher, printed the skin and stuck it on. You can see version one without the balcony floor, and version two with it.

I think the results are ok (certainly enhanced by the graffiti), but more as LOS blockers than as playable terrain. These never saw the table (we played x-wing all weekend instead) so they are dust collectors for now.

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