Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Quick Color Test

Sorry for the silence lately, I actually have a number of articles pending, usually waiting for some final step or another or better photography. 

Anyway this weekend I did a quick color test for some "hardwood floor" I am making for a base. 

I took a Popsicle type stick, scored it with a razor saw, and painted it with three different washes.  From left to right we have Citadel "Drakenhof Nightshade", a custom mix I make with Citadel Black ink (from 20 years ago!), and last is Citadel "Reichland Fleshshade"(which probably would have benefited from another coat).

What do you think?  Which makes the best hardwood floor color?  


tradgardmastare said...

The one upon the right.

Mordian7th said...

Aye, the far right reads as hardwood floor to me, but the middle one is fantastic as a darker wood stain - cool effects!

Sebastian said...

I'm in agreement with Mordian, far right looks like a modern hardwood floor; but I am drawn to the weathered central test portion.

Asslessman said...

I'd suggest the middle one. It's still easy to read and nice but it's dark enough to make model stand from it.

Lasgunpacker said...

Thanks gents, base is in progress now.