Friday, November 18, 2016

Twenty Years

Somewhere around the middle of November, 20 years ago, a college student mail ordered the Warhammer 40k boxed set from The Armchair General.

I have discussed previously how I found a brochure called An Introduction to Games Workshop at a local hobby store, which as one might surmise from the title served as an explanation of the various GW games.  [And six years ago (!) Tony from Dampfpanzerwagon sent me a copy of that same brochure]  After I got that brochure, I poured over it for hours and hours, and eventually connected the games pictured to Battlemasters and Heroquest, which I obtained at about that time.  I did not ever actually play 40k in those days though, as lack of access and lack of cash were definite problems.

Later, when I was in college, I started viewing the old usergroup for some reason or other, and immediately realized that this "40k" thing was now starting to be accessible online. I worked up the nerve and bought the starter box and a few miniatures, starting me off a long road.

Hard to believe that twenty years later I am still at it, and that it has been so long.  Maybe some day I will finally paint all of that starter set...

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Sebastian said...

Aye, came to a similar reaslisation the other day as one of my websites hones in on 20th year online. No sooner had I started collecting than I had a website up and chatting on bulletin boards. First set wast Heroquest in 1992, with Warhammer and 40k around 1995.

I thought about the time that has passed and it hasn't exactly been linear as I've gone onto other things and the hobby has been on the back burner. Where a lot of pursuits are quite involved and many cause you to wear out your body (injuries etc) I've found wargaming to expand my knowledge of history, creativity and art.

Also I like the evidence of progression. The collection expands, your skills visibly advance and you have hundred of little totems reminding you of games with friends and the crazy nights out (or in trash taking) that followed.

I'm certain of continuing hobby projects into the future. Look forward to yours too. :)

Still never painted the 2nd Ed box either hahah. Though I am buying parts for a modern recreation set, always wanted to paint some Ultramarines.