Thursday, November 10, 2016

Finishing What I Started - Space Marine Scouts

A while back, probably in 2002, I started painting some metal close combat Space Marine Scouts, got them about 90% finished, and stopped.  They then languished, like many projects in a drawer.

I am (hopefully) hosting a few games this weekend, and aside from painting some things that I am anticipating using in the games, I noticed these guys, and realized that they were "low hanging fruit" so to speak, and brought them forth for completion. Some paint touch up, inking and some base work, and they were completed.

Possibly a bit too much sun
It appears that I am not any better at freehand painting insignia than I was lo 14 years ago. The figures still need to be flocked/tufted, and sealed, but are otherwise complete, which is better than they were previously.

Still, it is nice to get them this far along.

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Siph_Horridus said...

With their BS and WS increase, Scouts are a lot more viable nowadays. Great stuff. I'm trying to do some clear-off my desk type half finished projects recently.