Thursday, January 3, 2019

Gloomspite Gitz

Happily for me (but not for my budget), the next Age of Sigmar army is "Gloomspite Gitz" which rounds  up the Night goblins, Forest Goblins, and trolls into one army and adds quite a few new figures.  Here are some that have caught my eye:
The bad goblin himself
Plastic Squig hoppers! 
Troll King

Goblin cave terrain
In addition to these there are also an alternate build for the squig hoppers (with lances!), squig herd, a box of various drugged out shamans, new (tall) stone trolls, plastic mangler squigs, and several more.

Looks like GW is keeping up the frenetic pace they have been on, which is great for new models, but terrible for those of us with limited time and budgets!

What about you, will you be adding any goblins in the new year?


Stew said...

No. No goblins. I am sometimes tempted by the new GW Lord of the Rings stuff but so far I have resisted. GW models really are great but they sure do charge a premium for it.
Plus, I can never paint them as well as the pictures on the box, so that level of detail is wasted on me. 😀

Lasgunpacker said...

Few can paint as well as professional painters!

Like many current and recent GW releases I would be interested but not bite, except for the fact that I already have a whole bunch of goblins (and they are even painted!) so this is something to "add on" to the army.

Thinking about it, that is a risk you take with starting a fantasy army... you can always add more to it in a way that a strictly historical army does not allow... no one is going to suddenly say that your ACW Confederate army can include tanks (then again Turtledove).

Compare Electric Rates said...
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FourEyedMonster said...

Excellent GW minis and while I've lost touch with GW releases it doesn't surprise me they are still churning out such good stuff. Historically, their Ork and Goblin minis have always had great details and these are no different. I would be tempted but for the fact that my hobby budget doesn't allow it. :)

Sean said...

Those studio shots do look cool. I still have a slight bias against Night Goblins. I'm also not sure that I really like the new style of loading all sorts of little gribblies on the figures.

SHOPnROAR said...
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Lasgunpacker said...

@FourEyedMonster Yeah, GW's "Rest of World" pricing is absurd. You can buy on Ebay from the UK though, that tends to make prices much more reasonable. (although to be fair, still high for a few sprues of plastic!)

@Sean that is where the judicious knife comes in handy.

Champa said...

Troll king us awesome