Thursday, January 10, 2019

Brigade Miniatures order

Midway through last month, I took advantage of the annual Brigade Miniatures holiday sale to order some bases and a few other things (it was pretty hard to resist testing out 15mm scifi, or getting a swath of space ships).  I ordered on the 14th, and it made it to my house on the 24th, which is pretty impressive for international shipping, particularly during the holiday season.

The main thrust of my purchase was to get these nifty bases that Brigade has for use with my Trek project.  I figure these bases will be great for tracking drones, missiles, plasma, fighters, and shuttles.  Each base is comprised of a metal hex with a die dock in the top, and a 3mm hole for a flight stem.  I got three varieties of micro dice to fit in the docks, and I will either use spare GW flight stems or buy some 3mm acrylic rod.

Shown with GW flight stem
I also bought a few packs of space fighters and other ships for multiple uses.  They could be used as fighters and shuttles in a Trek game, or on their own as micro fighters in a space game, such as 5150: Fighter Command by THW.  (which allows for solo play too)

Here is a sample of the fighters and other light craft.
Courier to fighters
 In addition to the "good guy" fighters, I got a transport and a corvette, as well as a pack of enemy fighters.

Anyway, a great buy from Brigade Miniatures, and inches me closer to having a complete Trek gaming set.  Now if only the magnets I ordered from China would show up.


Maj. Guiscard said...

Those Dice stands are really cool.

I've thought about buying that transport as well. Very "standard" and yet unique at the same time.

Stew said...

Nice haul of stuff! The trek project is really taking shape. 😀

Merijn said...

Those space ships look nifty, I'm going to wishlist some.

FourEyedMonster said...

Each time you roll out some Trek-related stuff I am reminded how much I want to paint the Enterprise 1701, regardless of the version :)

Sean said...

Long ago I wanted to do some ship to ship combat. I never settled on anything really and have a mixture of weird ships. Those ships look pretty nice.

Lasgunpacker said...

@Sean, a weird mix of ships is what unifying paint schemes are all about!

@foureyedmonster make it so!