Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Terrain Competition

Terrain for Hippos, a great online terrain blog, is having their second "Berfenday Compometition" [sic].  Basically, the idea is that you make some terrain following their plans or using the techniques explained, and then send in pictures before May 31st. 

Unfortunately, I probably will not have any hobby time to make anything (and indeed, there are more pressing hobby time needs than terrain), which is a real shame, because I would really like to make a 10mm castle using the concepts and plans here.  Something suitable for Warmaster, which would follow the rules presented in Warmaster Ancients for sieges.  With a bit of planning, I think that I could make it work as a frontier fort for either 10mm Lord of the Rings or WM Fantasy, by having removable hording.

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