Wednesday, February 16, 2022

New Year, Same project

 Last year, I started on building an Eldar army, something I had long wanted to do.  The intent of this was to "quickly" build up a force to combat my kid's Space Marines.  I had collected the Eldar over a very long time, and with the interest in 8th/9th edition 40k and the kid's new Space Marine army, it seemed like time to get going. 

As it happened, I quickly outpaced the kid as return to in-person school soaked up the available free time.  (free-time that was not spent on Minecraft anyway).  This in turn slowed me down until it came to Dreadtober, where I bashed out a Wraithlord in a month.  I also added to the project with a Falcon, Autarch, and Howling Banshees. 

Here are the original project figures after about a year of work:

Clockwise from the top we have Dire Avengers, Fire Dragons, a Warlock, Rangers, Swooping Hawks, and in the middle we have some Guardians.

Aside from the Dire Avengers, these are largely finished, with just gems and bases to go.  Since I plan to base everything at the same time AND am not 100% sure what I want to do, they have been in this state for a while.  The Dire Avengers need a bit more highlighting and work on the white of the helmet before they are at the same stage as the others. 

Now a logical, and sensible person would have stayed with the army as seen above, finished that, and then moved on to expansions on it (or the 1001 other projects I have piled up on my desk).  Instead, we had some scope creep.
Added to the army above we have a Wraithlord, Falcon, and Wraith Guard.  Bizarrely [or characteristically] these added items were finished before the original.  The Wraithlord is 100% done thanks to Dreadtober, and the Falcon just needs a base and sealer coat.  The Wraithguard only need basing. 

Also added to the army but not yet finished are the Howling Banshees, striking scorpions, and an Autarch. 

So what is next?  Well the 9th edition Eldar Codex is coming out in a month or so, and with it a ton of new kits.  I also have jetbikes, more guardians, more Swooping Hawks, support weapons, and a squad of War Walkers that I could/should add as well.  A Farseer would also be useful...  So plenty more to come, I just need to find the time. 


Dai said...

Didn’t realise your space elves army was so large! Impressive mate.

I think some Reapers would look good in there too.

Stew said...

Well the Eldar are looking good. They always kinda had the coolest back story if I remember right. Almost every project gets a bit of scope creep. At least when it comes to purchasing. You’re ahead of the game with the expansions already having paint.

Here’s hoping the new codex doesn’t make everything obsolete. I hear GW has a rep for doing that. 😀

FourEyedMonster said...

That's, in my books, a lot of minis in a year. And it's great you're still assembling an army to fight your son's space marine. I tried to get my son interested in W40K but all we managed to do was paint one pair of orks (he initially wanted an ork army ... and still always chooses orks when playing W40K on the PC) together. Nothing else since ;)